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Anthony Tiny Biuso
by Nevy Papazian Kaminski
Not all angels have wings and halos. Some have tattoos and are crowned with mohawks.


Anthony "Tiny" Biuso makes miracles happen using the vast network of friends and fans he's developed as the drummer of legendary punk band TSOL since 2004. On the road, red carpet or the radio, Tiny is always looking for ways to help.


The New York native moved to Los Angeles in 1988 in search of the rock n' roll dream. And while he found success, he also found many pets and people in need. 


"I've been in love with animals and concerned about their welfare since I can remember," Tiny says. "Let's face it, they can't speak for themselves and are hopeless without a voice."


So he started by focusing his efforts at the Burbank Animal Shelter, doing everything from fostering homeless dogs to raising thousands to help animals. With the support of his more than 3,500 Facebook friends, he's helped pay for adoption fees and medical care. 


"I always wish and hope I can do more, but really I'm just one person," Tiny says. 


But it won't be long before Tiny's crusade goes from grassroots to global. 


"I have a few incredibly generous friends who believe in what I do and are graciously starting a non-profit with me called Tiny's Angels," Tiny says.


The group will not only help animals, but also needy individuals and families looking for a little financial assistance to get their pets veterinary care.


Tiny says the spay dog food scientists are developing for is an "amazing idea."


"Cutting down on the uncontrollable cat and dog population is incredibly important," Tiny says. "It's not only a wonderful idea for the homeless pet population, but for low income families who just can't afford to spay or neuter."


You can help Tiny by contacting him through Facebook or Twitter @TinyBiuso or via email at
Nevy is a wife, mother, journalist and rock groupie who donates her time to Fix the Bitches. Look for her blog here every month. You can reach her at

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by Nevy Papazian Kaminski
Like so many of the musicians I idolize, Ace Von Johnson sacrificed to make his rock n' roll dreams come true. 


Nearly year-round touring brought him fame, fortune and lots of fans like me, but not the companionship of man's best friend.


"I jokingly refer to it as having a dog-sized hole in my heart," says Ace who is on a 33-city tour with his band Faster Pussycat. "I travel constantly for work and it's nearly impossible for me to have a dog of my own at this point in my life."


For the last 15 years, Ace has played lead, rhythm and bass guitar in everything from punk to pop projects. In early 2010 he joined legendary Hollywood rock band Faster Pussycat. 


As if I needed one more reason to love Faster Pussycat, it turns out that members of the band are fellow animal lovers and donate their time and talent to help out animals.


Touring doesn't keep the Los Angeles native from helping homeless pets in his community.


"Instead (of adopting) I just go to the local shelters and walk around, spend some time with certain dogs and post photos of exceptional pets I come across," says Ace, who shares his experiences with the almost 15,000 fans who follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


While touring is what prevents him from adopting, Ace has found a way to use touring to help homeless animals nationwide.


On Faster Pussycat's current tour Ace is offering fans a chance to win tickets if they donate $20 or more to an animal shelter or rescue group of their choice. Fans who donate $100 or more will automatically be put on Ace's guest list and be invited to attend soundcheck and meet the band. 


Anyone interested in entering the contest must send a photo, screen capture or copy of a digital receipt, along with their name and city they would like to attend to:


"The fans are happy and we are helping animals all across the country," Ace says.


I introduced Ace to Fix the Bitches and our mission to develop a one-dose sterilization pellet for stray dogs. While finding homes for all strays is ideal, Ace says sterilization is the next best option. 


"I think birth control for the stray dog population is great. It's unfortunate that it's come to that, but I think any answer besides euthanization and the continual over populating of homeless animals is a must," Ace says. "It's a great idea and I think in certain areas of Los Angeles it would be highly beneficial. I would love to see something like this happen all over just to help decrease the overwhelming stray animal population. Unless we can find a home for all these animals, there really isn't any other choice."


Faster Pussycat's Halloween tour runs now through December. For more information visit 


You can also follow Ace on Twitter and Instagram @AceVonJohnson

Nevy is a wife, mother, journalist and rock groupie who donates her time to Fix the Bitches. Look for her blog here every month. You can reach her at